CSCI -- Measuring the Climate for Learning

School Personnel Survey - Westlake Elementary

Before you begin, please read the following information.

You are being asked to complete this survey as part of a project to help all those who are part of your school community (students, parents, and school personnel) understand how everyone feels about your school.

  • As you respond to each item, focus on your thoughts and feelings based on your own personal experiences at your school.
  • There are no right or wrong answers—we just want to know how you feel. Your responses will provide us with important information to help your school become even better.
  • Your name will not be recorded on your survey. All information obtained from this survey is anonymous and confidential, and no one from your school will ever see your answers. No identifying information (name, classroom, computer) will be recorded with your answers, answers, results will only be reported as group responses, and your response will only be represented as a part of a sub group if there are sufficient responses to protect your anonymity.
  • All results will be reported to your school only in terms of how populations responded. Individual survey responses are never seen by your school. Group data will only be reported when there are sufficient numbers to ensure each respondent’s confidentiality.
  • Please try to respond to all applicable items. Certain items may not be relevant to those of you who are not classroom teachers. For those items, please choose the "Does Not Apply" response.
  • The survey should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.